Thursday, 5 February 2015


Once upon a time, there was boy, Marc, who had trouble making friends. He tried and tried but everybody thought that he was boring and nerdy, so nobody let him into their group. Sad and troubled, Marc attempted to figure out what it was that he was doing wrong.
Maybe it's because my stories aren't interesting enough, he thought to himself. So, putting his creative mind at work, he made up engaging stories that would be appropriate for his audience. 

Next day at school, he overheard a group of guys talking.
"That Martin Garrix concert yesterday was amazing. Boy, I had a really great time."
Marc decided to chime in.
"Really? I was there too, and I didn't see you. But then again, it was a pretty big crowd." 

"Listen monkey-face. I, unlike you, was actually there. Now, scram loser."
Marc knew that he was risking this, but it was the only way.
"Okay, I'll believe you if answer this question.

What was his opening song?"
The other boy was speechless.
"Well, thank you for proving to us that you're a bluffer." Marc turned to the other boys and continued, "I'll be happy to tell you the true details if you want me to."

Marc turned and started to leave. To his joy, the other boys followed him. He knew about the concert because he'd researched it online. "It was evening, and god, there were so many people that it was a wonder we had a place to stand..."
 Gradually, Marc gained the trust of his classmates and hence, their friendship. Marc even forgave the bluffer-boy and is now one of his closest friends. Because he had actual friends now, he had true stories to tell people and he hoped that his true stories would be interesting enough for making new friends in college.

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