Tuesday, 3 February 2015


 Somebody once gave me a really great piece of advice. It was regarding how a girl can get a guy to stop persuading her to be interested in him, to stop stalking her and to just stop bothering her. It has been over a year since I saw Eric, that boy who gave me that advice, but I am incredibly grateful to him. I have been using his advice over and over again, because come on, I'm awesome and guys want me to be with them. Haha, just kidding, but still, the number of different kinds of loser guys I attract is just too much to handle. So, yes, I resort to the oldest trick in the book and of course, Eric's advice -

"I'm in love with somebody else."

I know it's clichéd but sometimes, the guys are just too persistent and this is the only way to get them to stop coming after you.
You want to know exactly how Eric came to give me this advice? Well, there are two things you should know beforehand.
First, Eric wasn't in my class.

Second, I had a crush on Eric.
Okay, now here's our conversation -
"So, there's this really weird guy in my class who's after me. He texts me all the time! I want to block him but, I don't want him to stop teaching me Physics."
"Then tell him that you have a boyfriend. Simple."
"Well, everybody in class already knows I don't have a boyfriend."
"Then, tell him that you have a crush on somebody else. That always works."
"Hmm..yeah that could work. But, then he'll tell everyone in class that, and I'll have lie to them too."
"Then, umm...do you have a crush on somebody in your class?"
This question is one of the most difficult questions that I've ever had to answer in my whole life and yes, those questions include the Physics ones too. You see, I just did not have the guts to tell him that I liked him. So, I chickened out and said,
"Yes. There's a guy in class whom I do have a crush on."
"Well, that is fantastic. Just tell everyone that it's that guy, and you both will have a happy ending."

I got up and I left. I simply couldn't bear the thought that the guy I secretly liked was telling me to be with somebody else. But, I guess that just proves that Eric never liked me. So, I told the Physics guy that I had a crush on somebody else. He didn't probe me further and surprisingly didn't tell anyone in class about it. Gradually, Eric and I stopped meeting, mostly because I would make up excuses about not being free.
Now that I think about it, I was a really big idiot back then. I could've just told everyone in my class that I liked Eric, and Eric would've never known. Well, the past is past. I've sort of moved on now, but whenever I tell loser guys that I already like somebody else, Eric never fails to pop up in my mind.

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