Thursday, 5 February 2015


Once upon a time, there was boy, Marc, who had trouble making friends. He tried and tried but everybody thought that he was boring and nerdy, so nobody let him into their group. Sad and troubled, Marc attempted to figure out what it was that he was doing wrong.
Maybe it's because my stories aren't interesting enough, he thought to himself. So, putting his creative mind at work, he made up engaging stories that would be appropriate for his audience. 

Next day at school, he overheard a group of guys talking.
"That Martin Garrix concert yesterday was amazing. Boy, I had a really great time."
Marc decided to chime in.
"Really? I was there too, and I didn't see you. But then again, it was a pretty big crowd." 

"Listen monkey-face. I, unlike you, was actually there. Now, scram loser."
Marc knew that he was risking this, but it was the only way.
"Okay, I'll believe you if answer this question.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


 Somebody once gave me a really great piece of advice. It was regarding how a girl can get a guy to stop persuading her to be interested in him, to stop stalking her and to just stop bothering her. It has been over a year since I saw Eric, that boy who gave me that advice, but I am incredibly grateful to him. I have been using his advice over and over again, because come on, I'm awesome and guys want me to be with them. Haha, just kidding, but still, the number of different kinds of loser guys I attract is just too much to handle. So, yes, I resort to the oldest trick in the book and of course, Eric's advice -

Monday, 2 February 2015

Lara's Dilemma

My second story ^_^

In life, you come across various situations. Sometimes you know how to deal with them, other times you don't. Lara was, for a while, in the latter category. She was faced with a dire dilemma and if she didn't sort it out soon, she would find herself repeating the ninth grade. To understand what she was going through, we'll have to look at the events that took place this year. 

In ninth grade, Lara was one of the six girls in a class of fifty students. The other five girls, although nice in nature, were not best friend material and almost all the guys were nerdy and not even friend material. Also, most of them had already made attempts to get Lara to be their girlfriend. As a result, she didn't like going to school. She would get bored all day, sitting alone, with there being no one interesting enough to talk to. So, she thought of requesting her parents to change her school. She knew that any school would accept her, her grades were that good.
But, the day that she was about to, a new girl joined her class.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


My first story ^_^

Tushar had never expected to get caught. Not at all. His plan had worked flawlessly and he was absolutely sure that he had left not a single fragment of evidence that could lead to him. Then it hit him. He hadn't left evidence, but he did have a witness. But, he couldn't really think of any reason as to why Akshit would back stab him. This incident was as much as Akshit's fault as it was Tushar's. Whatever Akshit's reasons might have been, right now he cursed him and genuinely willed him to drop dead. 
There was a knock on the door again. "Mr. Sharma, we know you're in there. If you don't open up, we'll have to knock down your door."
He was glad that his parents had gone out shopping.
The police had been knocking on his door for about five minutes now. He knew he had no choice but to turn himself in. So, he manned up and opened the door.



Well, here I am. Eighteen years of age and I'm writing my first blog. Various people blog about various things. Some people blog to promote/advertise their business, others simply want their opinions to be heard; some blog to help people, others blog to promote themselves.
My blog is titled "Shards and Fragments". This is primarily because of the fact that I have not one, but many topics that I would love to write a blog about and just like fragments and pieces of a glass, my blogs will be unconnected to each other. gives me and many others like me a platform to voice our opinions and showcase our creativity and for that, I'm thankful.
Basically, I love writing short, fictional stories. So, most of my blogs will be stories but, exceptions are always there :)
Here's to hoping you love reading my work. Cheers!