Sunday, 1 February 2015


My first story ^_^

Tushar had never expected to get caught. Not at all. His plan had worked flawlessly and he was absolutely sure that he had left not a single fragment of evidence that could lead to him. Then it hit him. He hadn't left evidence, but he did have a witness. But, he couldn't really think of any reason as to why Akshit would back stab him. This incident was as much as Akshit's fault as it was Tushar's. Whatever Akshit's reasons might have been, right now he cursed him and genuinely willed him to drop dead. 
There was a knock on the door again. "Mr. Sharma, we know you're in there. If you don't open up, we'll have to knock down your door."
He was glad that his parents had gone out shopping.
The police had been knocking on his door for about five minutes now. He knew he had no choice but to turn himself in. So, he manned up and opened the door.


Tushar and Akshit had been inseparable since their first day of meeting each other in the first grade. It was almost always impossible to find either one without the other. Everyone wished that they had that kind of friendship. Their bond gave even Fevikwik a run for their money. Well, like most people even Tushar and Akshit had their fights but none were so serious so as to permanently damage their friendship. 
Now, after twelve years of being together, the time had finally come to grow apart. Even though they both had applied to the same colleges, they took admission in different ones. This was due to the fact that Tushar was slightly better at studies than Akshit. Therefore, they would be moving to different parts of the country to live in their respective colleges' hostels.
A week before they had to leave for college they both planned on giving a nice ending to the incredible run they'd had. Coincidentally, they both had turned eighteen this year. So, to celebrate this end of an era, they decided to have their first cigarette together. 
Akshit already had his driving license, so he picked Tushar up and they drove to a different part of the city so that nobody would recognize them. They reached the 'cigarette stand' and bought one cigarette each. Of course, they coughed their first couple of puffs, but then they started enjoying it. They liked it so much, that they finished a whole 10 pack, 5 each.
 "Are you sure you'll be able to drive, Akshit?"
"Tushar, believe me, I'm fine. Don't worry."
Even though Tushar didn't believe him, he still let him drive thinking what on earth could possibly go wrong. That was biggest mistake of his life.
Night had fallen and because of the scant traffic, they kept cruising at about 95 kmph. The cigarettes had made Tushar a bit drowsy so he closed his eyes and enjoyed his high. He thought of how difficult it would be to enjoy his life without his best friend, how much he would miss him, whether he'd even be able to make new frien...A sudden jerk and a really loud swear word from Akshit jolted him awake. 
"What the hell happened?"
"Tushar, I think we might have a problem."
Akshit got out of the car and Tushar followed his lead. They got around to the front of the car and Tushar was horrified to see a boy, a little younger than him, sprawled across the road. They both ran towards the boy and relief rushed through him when he found out that the boy was alive, even though he was unconscious. 

"How?! Akshit, how did this happen?!"
"I don't know, Tuhsar. I was just driving and suddenly this little piece of shit shows up from nowhere. He was probably crossing the road. I tried my best to avoid him but I'm sorry. We should call the ambulance."
If they called the ambulance, they would have to pay for the kid's treatment, and Tushar's family couldn't afford that. His college fees and his elder sister's marriage didn't really leave room for overhead expenses.
Akshit took out his phone and began dialing. 

"Wait. We'll call the ambulance, but not from your phone. Help me move him off the road"
Puzzled, Akshit did what Tushar told him to do. They lifted the unconscious boy and dropped him on the side of the road. Then, Tushar asked Akshit to drive to the nearest phone booth.


 A few men, clad in the green police uniform placed handcuffs on his hands. He knew very well that whatever he said to the police officer couldn't be used in a court of law. So, he asked them,
"Why did Akshit tell on me?"
The officer, with a look of pity in his eyes replied,
"Beta, he found out that the victim had died a few days following the accident. Akshit couldn't live with himself knowing that he'd killed an innocent boy. So, to clear his conscience, he confessed. He blames you for not going to the hospital directly. If you had, maybe the boy could've lived."

Well, at least now Tushar didn't have to worry about being apart from his best friend.

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