Monday, 2 February 2015

Lara's Dilemma

My second story ^_^

In life, you come across various situations. Sometimes you know how to deal with them, other times you don't. Lara was, for a while, in the latter category. She was faced with a dire dilemma and if she didn't sort it out soon, she would find herself repeating the ninth grade. To understand what she was going through, we'll have to look at the events that took place this year. 

In ninth grade, Lara was one of the six girls in a class of fifty students. The other five girls, although nice in nature, were not best friend material and almost all the guys were nerdy and not even friend material. Also, most of them had already made attempts to get Lara to be their girlfriend. As a result, she didn't like going to school. She would get bored all day, sitting alone, with there being no one interesting enough to talk to. So, she thought of requesting her parents to change her school. She knew that any school would accept her, her grades were that good.
But, the day that she was about to, a new girl joined her class.
Monica came and sat next to Lara. They exchanged introductions, and the teacher asked Lara to show Monica around the school and help her get settled in the class. Lara liked Monica instantly. She was everything she'd wanted for a friend and more. Monica was pretty, smart and very humorous. In no time, the two of them became best friends. Now, Lara couldn't wait to go to school. Her parents were pleasantly surprised to see their daughter this happy about school. Things went smoothly for about a year. One day, Lara arrived early to school so, she sat on a bench and reserved the seat next to her for Monica. The class started filling up with other students, but she saw no sign of her friend. The teacher entered and the class began. Monica was never absent from school without Lara knowing about it, therefore as soon as school ended, a worried Lara rushed to her home and called Monica. She answered after a few rings. 
"Why didn't you come today? Are you fine?"
"Lara, I'm fine. It's just a little umm...fever. I'm going to rest now. See ya tomorrow"
"Monica, wait..." But she'd already hung up.

Usually, Monica and Lara talked for hours over the phone, but Lara figured Monica must've been really unwell. The next day, Monica did come to school but, instead of sitting with Lara as always, she sat next to Edwin. 'Why the hell is she sitting with Edwin?!' Lara thought. She went over to Monica and said, "Hey. I reserved a seat for you. Wanna come?"
"Oh. Thanks but no, I'll be sitting with Edwin today." 
Speechless, Lara returned to her seat. She kept thinking why Monica didn't want to sit with her, what had Lara done wrong, how could Lara make this right? In the recess, Monica went off with Edwin somewhere and even though there were some students in the class, Lara felt all alone. The next few days were very tough on Lara. She kept waiting for Monica to talk to her, but she never did. Lara couldn't talk to her because she was with Edwin the whole time and when she tried calling her, she either hung up quickly or never picked up. This behavior of Monica's disturbed Lara so much that she couldn't even concentrate on her studies and she feared that for the first time, she could fail in her exams, which brings us back to now. Failing meant repeating the grade, and Lara had no intention of doing that. Enough was enough. The next day in school, Lara gathered all her courage and in the recess, she pulled Monica aside.
"Ow! What the hell, Lara?!"

"Why have you been ignoring me the past couple of weeks?"
"I think it's time we make new friends."
"You can make new friends without breaking your friendship with me!"
"Well, it's not that simple, Lara!"
"Oh really? Please explain to me the rocket science involved in this."

After a sigh, Monica lowered her voice and explained, "Lara, I like you. But I love Edwin. He's the best thing that's happened to me in this school. We're in love. But, he hates you...because you rejected him in eighth grade. So, he's asked me to stay away from you. I'm really sorry, but I'll do anything for the boy I love, even if it means breaking off from my only best friend." Then, Monica turned away and left. 
Stunned, Lara thought what an idiot Monica had become. Well, it sure is true that love is blind. But, Lara still had faith in her friend. It wouldn't be long before Monica realizes what a jerk Edwin is. And when she does, Lara will be there for her, because she's her best friend and that's what best friends do.

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